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 the mod squad and how it moderates.

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Location : Melbourne

PostSubject: the mod squad and how it moderates.   Mon Mar 26, 2012 4:39 am

our mod squad is going to be run a little differently to other sites.

last year, a fairly well known international and very reputable queer youth forum that i am member of did a call out for moderators. natuarally i decided to check it out.
they had an apply form where you were basically briefed about the certain responsibilities of being a moderator, all of the responsibilities i agreed with except one.
you need to be on the website 7 hours a week!

ok, yeah, if you are a mod you are expected to call in, and hey i defininantly spent around seven hours on this site last week, and there are weeks where you do spend more time on these sites. but consistantly on these sites ? affraid

another thing i find annoying about other sites is that they have like over a thousand members and then like >10 mods. a few people with heaps more power

i want members on this site to have a life outside of the computer. i love computers i use them every day but i do not spend my life here. and i also want more people to have more power. so this is how i am making this mod squad work (once there is enough people to moderate)

we have two moderation groups
admin (currently me)
mod squad (currently silver and red)

once we get more members it will look like this

two to three with admin status
fifteen mods.

more people doing the job = less responsiblity and time for individual mods.

how are the mods and admin are going to be selected.
mods will be representitve of the comunity itself
if there is a fifty fifty ratio of men and women 50 %of the mods will be men and 50% of the mods will be women (aproxximatley)
if 30 per cent of the of the population of this forum are under 18, 30 percent of the mods will be, and if 70 % are over 18 then 70 percent of of the mods will be over 18.
most of the representation will be in regards to gender and age. not too big.

mods will first have to fill out an aplication form and send it too me. (will post seperatly when i have finalised it)
ill go through the forms and choose a selection- say twice as many people than i need

then you guys vote.
and tah dah we have a mod squad.
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PostSubject: Re: the mod squad and how it moderates.   Mon Mar 26, 2012 4:50 am

Sounds good although making the mod squad representative of the community may be pretty hard to achieve. There are some that do not wish to mention some or any personal information, There may be too few people of a particular group that want to become moderators as well.

I agree that accepting certain responsabilities shouldn't make coming to a forum a chore.
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the mod squad and how it moderates.
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